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My Life as a Creative Octopus

I sometimes wonder how I manage to keep all the creative plates I spin from crashing to the ground and smashing into little pieces. Splinters that I know I would never find again, even with my varifocals on. My writing process is a bit like that, I finish my synopsis, draft 1 is next, followed by reviewing my bio and the careful preparation of a covering letter that will hopefully make the gatekeepers want to read on. Have I forgotten anything? Is it in the right format? Is it what they asked for? It’s as if my work-in-progress is taunting


Picasso Splashes and Other Stains

There’s a monster at home that lurks in our loo, It deletes all the training in boys and men too. It sprinkles the walls with pee-coloured spray, And ‘apparently’ no-one has made it that way.   I ask once again, ‘who pee’d on the wall’, Not me, not you or the dad who’s so tall? The shrugs and ‘don’t knows’ echo round the thin room, The lowering of heads fill my vision with gloom.


Lost and Found

It was the start of an ordinary day in the life of Great Big Jar. Copious Weetabix were consumed in the normal mad rush at that time of the morning with the infuriating pebble-dash splatter of the cement-like goo right down the front of my freshly donned t-shirt. Tea that was poured hours ago, now sits in the mug forming a perfect oil spill, its pale demeanour knows all too well I’m going to empty it down the sink and create a clone that will do the exact same thing. (The literary legend that is) Sue Wallman, on the other


I drew a thing that actually resembled a thing

Today I did something I never ever thought I would do. I drew. This might not be a big deal to some but to me it was liberating. I decided there would be no more stick people or sheep that resembled clouds with chicken pox and I drew a thing that definitely resembled an actual thing. Not since I sat my O’Grade Art *mumble* years ago, have I ever tried to draw anything from scratch. It just so happens I know some enthusiastic kindred souls who are having the same dilemma so between us all we walked the freezing streets


The Great Big Jar of Destiny

On the 1st January 2016, the Great Big Jar family decided to do something a little different in terms of new year resolutions. Memories over one year are now written in the hand of the bearer of good news and folded neatly among its paper pals in the Great Big Jar of Destiny. Reading through them all has just confirmed that in amongst all the nonsense that life has thrown at me this past year, there is a glimpse of something special that only family, true friends and snotty kids can give me. Hope. That we’re all OK. That we’ll


Festive Lurgy – an ode to parents at Christmas

The festive season is upon us. Our bank balances have seen better days and our kids are eating their own body weight in chocolate because, as parents, we’ve frankly had enough. It’s not that we don’t love our kids more than life itself, far from it, we couldn’t live without them. But just as we’ve begun to feel all festive, basking in the knowledge that all our pressies are wrapped before midnight on Christmas Eve (first time ever), when… the dreaded lurgy arrives. And it’s here to stay. A present for the household brought home from school as if to say

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