I woke up this morning with the song ‘Shiny Happy People’ by the amazing band R.E.M.resounding through my brain and turning me into a gibbering wreck. The main beat of the song pulsed its way along my veins and into every orifice it could reach. So much so that I had to fight fire with fire and wear ear-phones on the way home from school, trying unsuccessfully to blast the cheery notes from my tired soul with ACDC and The Cure.

Nearly stopped me from having my morning latte, nearly (easy tiger)!

I don’t know if any of you are into Sci-fi but I like to watch Medium with Patricia Arquette. One particular episode stands out to me when a woman is murdered (bear with me, it’s not all blood and guts) while out jogging. Patricia Arquette’s character Allison DuBois wakes up with the song that the woman was murdered to, playing over and over again, very loudly. As it was so long ago and I am not getting any younger, I can’t remember the song – although I am sure it’s a disco classic – like ‘It’s Raining Men’ but not that annoying..wait..it was ‘I will survive’ by Gloria Gaynor.

I remember watching the episode and almost cringing for the sanity of her character as I couldn’t take it anymore. She had baths, wore ear plugs and much more and still the song played loudly through every normal daily task she completed. A bit like when you have been swimming and you get water in your ear. I have sweaty palms thinking about it!

To cut a long story short, eventually they found the victims iPod and her body and the stop button was pressed to the relief of all.

So Mr Earworm, getting all comfy in my ear-lobe and drinking my cold beer – you will disappear and my tranquil brain will breathe a sigh of relief as it moves onto the next mildly amusing song.

Earworms – should be seen and not heard.

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  1. And these songs are NEVER the ones you like, are they?!