Today, I will not be eating carrots!

Sometimes you need to take a step back and have a good look at what you are doing. It doesn’t matter what it is your perplexed about, it could be anything from choosing paint or a wedding outfit. In my case its my WIP and a looming deadline.

I have been writing this WIP for a while now and since I thought up the storyline and the main character, it has been a revelation to me. I have watched it grow and feel happy when the word count goes up every day (don’t judge me, it makes me feel good and I limit my checks to once a day).

As a writer it’s one of the most exciting parts of the WIP process. The seed was planted when you thought up the original idea while standing in the Post Office queue or day dreaming on the bus. It has flourished into a huge floral display of words that grows bigger and bigger every day.  You’ve been there every step of the way and it’s brilliant to see it out there on the page as you go through the process of turning it into a submissible entity.

Now that I have a deadline for it to be finished (I do work better if there is an end date in my head), I have been up before the sun, writing at night, ignoring my family and friends and all just to get it finished.

But it’s not ready. And I’m not sending it.

I became slightly obsessed. I had convinced myself that I wanted to use this particular piece for this particular deadline that I even changed my story to meet the criteria. What was I thinking! I am ashamed of myself and I am truly, truly sorry to my WIP for any harm done. I promise I will make it up to you.

Why spend weeks, months even, creating the chapters in my head and getting them down and then ruining it all by rushing over the finish line?

I have this fantastic idea and I REALLY want to get it out there for the world to see but I will do it when IT is ready, not when I think it’s ready. I have given my WIP a holiday…from me and my weird writing ways. I will leave it in peace to rest by the pool and then we will walk the path we were meant to walk and ignore the submission carrots that dangle around us.

Today, I am going to eat cake. 

p.s sometimes you need to listen to a friendly giant to put things into perspective.