I have many names  for things that I can’t remember the word for. The more I use these imaginary names the less I remember what the actual thing is called and the more likely I am to call it something it’s not over and over again.

Take doo-daa for instance – it’s a peculiar sounding name for anything. It could be a long-lost relative of The Police song, or perhaps it’s missing its wop de bop from Grease and took on a daa instead. Who know’s.

Today I forgot the word for ticket. Now ticket is not a very hard word to forget but it just did not want to come into my brain. So I spent the best part of twenty minutes discussing train times and talking about Frequent Traveller doo-daa’s because I just couldn’t remember the word. I made someone smile though – which I think beats remembering the proper name for doo-daa’s hands down.

So before you travel, check you have your doo-daa and everything else you need and have a lovely trip. I on the other hand will be wracking my brains to find out exactly what it is I have been talking about and what it is I will no doubt forget for the journey.

Maybe I just need to finish my WIP and get some sleep.



  1. This why beef is Beryl Bainbridge and cotton buds are earwigs in our household. When they’re not doo dahs, that is. Earwigs makes sense but don’t ask me why only Beryl Bainbridge came to mind when I was searching for beef in the supermarket. And don’t ask me what I call pedaloes or we’ll all be embarrassed.

    1. Author

      I love your Beryl Bainbridge – sounds much nicer than beef! I won’t ask about the pedaloes, you can reveal that gem at a later date. Happy Doo-daa day!

  2. I’ve made it a point never to travel without my doo daa’s at any time. Most uncomfortable. I hope you get your memory back soon.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    1. Author

      Glad to hear it – where would we be without our doo-daa’s. I’ll let you know about the memory thing… if I remember!