Book 5 – ‘Rush of Blood’ by Mark Billingham

My challenge ( has taken me many places so far and Mark Billingham delivered another nail-biting book for me to get my teeth into.

‘Rush of Blood’ is a mesmerising story of the holiday from hell for three couples who are from the UK but meet in Florida. Set in an idyllic resort, until a young girl goes missing. Together they embark on a journey full of murder, intense police scrutiny and intrigue, finally awarding you with an amazing ending that had me guessing right up to the climax. All three couples in the book annoyed, frustrated and berated me with their slightly irritating domestic habits but the book would not have been the same if they had not been created that way. I came to realise that wherever you go on holiday, you are going to meet families very much like them and I could name a few!

Hopefully I won’t then start to think ‘Right – which one of you killed the girl?’, not a great way to get on with your fellow bathers!

Every now and then I look back at the list I created at the beginning of the month and realise that I don’t have a ‘type/genre’ that I read. I am type-less! Do you have a type? People do ask me,’What kind of books do you read?’ and I always say crime. ‘But you write Children’s books!’ they exclaim in horror. I know.

I can’t explain it – maybe it’s my way of changing my mind-set from all things fluffy to the dark and violent throws of the underworld – a bit like stepping from Primary school to your first job. The seamless transfer from child to adult in the turn of a page.

Next up: book 6 – ‘Sing You Home’ by Jodi Picoult – anyone read it?